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Gifts: Ideas for Teacher


End of term is nigh!  and we have collated a little range of personalised products to show your favourite teacher a little appreciation


Crafts: A love of Loombands


Back in February my daughters friend bought her a ‘friendship bracelet kit’ …  at the time I didnt give it much thought ..  just another kids friendship bracelet kit.  Then she made me a fabulous neon pink striped bracelet and I gave it a better look.

Since then Loombands have become not just an obsession in our household, but in many others too.  I have literally been obsessed stretching rubber bands onto a grid and seeing what happens when they are hooked off…  sometimes it works, sometimes it unravels.  Like all really cool crafts – it is simple in concept .. with a very broad appearl my 5 year old is able to create simple but effective pieces and those more adventurous and older folk use them to make all sorts of products..  even clothing.

I am off to play and am thinking about posting a few of my ideas on our You Tube Channel…  watch this space

Life: Arundel Corpus Christi 2014

carpet of flowers

Last week was Corpus Christi at Arundel Cathedral – we are not Catholics but every year we visit the cathedral (along with hundreds of tourists) to see the theme of the carpet of flowers laid along the cathedral aisle.  This year the theme was the First World war – and I always am in awe of the talents of the local ladies who create this fantastic annual celebration

#lovewhereyoulive indeed

Carpet of Flowers

News: Pearl and Earl in the Venus Awards


Last month we discovered that Pearl and Earl were nominated in 4 categories for the 2014 Natwest Venus Awards.  Dubbed “The Working Womens Oscars” they are a national award recognising Women in Business – and are probably the most well known.

So last Thursday we were invited to a networking ‘do’ where they were to announce the regional Semi-Finalists.  Whilst coiffing a glass of Rose on a lovely Summers evening we were both surprised and excited to be whittled down from 1000’s of entries to be in the final 5 companies in all of our 4 categories.  So now we are heading off to the regional Semi-Finals in July to see if we can make it through to the Grand Finale in November.

The last few years have been a roller coaster of the good, bad and the downright ugly as we have endeavoured to build our Brand as well as bring up 2 small children and deal with all those things that life insists on throwing at you.  So moments like this are truly treasured by each and every one of our very small team at Pearl and Earl.

As part of the process we were asked to make a couple of videos to gather votes for the public categories and it was a very strange experience stepping out from behind my keyboard to speak out loud about what we do.  I had to miss the professional session – as it clashed with my childrens Sports Day.  So armed with an i-phone and a candlestick (to balance it on) we made own own videos in our studio and edited them on imovie (God bless Apple for making this easier for us).  They are our first – so please be kind.  We will send the link when they are complete!

Whether we make it through or not – we are sincerely happy to have been recognised thus far.  The awards we are up for are:

  • Small Business
  • Online and Technology
  • Business Mother
  • Customer Service

We will let you know how we get on, thanks to all our customers and friends of the brand thus far … x


Home: Happy Feet! Our New Wool Rugs are coming…


We are thrilled to let you know that our brand new interiors collection is starting arriving at Pearl and Earl!   First up.. a collection of HAND TUFTED RUGS which are not only made from British Wool, but each and every one is handmade to order to create a thick luxurious pile.  There is the option to CUSTOMISE the colours to match your interior, from our collection of 48 Wool Colours.  We also have a choice of sizes too, helping you express your individual style.  We like to think we are offering something a little different!
Why not order a set of WOOL NUGGETS to pick and mix the colours at your pleasure…  and we can mock up your rug look for approval.  If you are after something completely bespoke, we now offer this service too.  Just ask the team.
Our favourite item?  The GRANNY SQUARE in RAINBOW colours … but the PASTEL shades are also divine.  Matching elements are on their way.
As a bonus for launch – we are offering 20% off Rugs until the end of June with code WOOLYTOES.
Plus remember you can also collect HAPPY POINTS on your purchase too.
Why not make your feet happy!

News: Happy Points have arrived at Pearl and Earl


We are really excited to be launching our very own loyalty scheme this week – called HAPPY POINTS.  It’s FREE to join and all you have to do is shop on our website and create an online account.  Points will then automatically be added to your account, ready for you to swap for discount vouchers or free stuff!  Offers change every week!

As a little LAUNCH BONUS if you shopped with us this year we have added these points to your account – so some of you already have a healthy stash to spend!
Plus if you REFER A FRIEND to shop at Pearl and Earl and you get extra points (for each and every one of them) and they get a discount off their first shop!  Just click HERE and then log into your account to get the details
Just think of it as a little thank you from us


Party: New Neon Paper Straws

straw-neons2Oh hello there!  We have another new exclusive Pearl and Earl design in our party store…  it took a while to develop to pass our rigorous EU and FDA food standard tests .. but at last our Flourescent Neon Paper Straws have arrived!  In stock now for your partying pleasure.


RECIPE: Foraged Elderflower Cordial


May / June (depending on the weather) is when the hedgerows in Sussex begin to fill to the brim with Elderflower.  A few years ago our Autumn hedgerows could be foraged at our leisure for the brambles and sloes to make our Autumn foraged foods… but the trend for all things home made has seen us have to strategically plan our hedgerow attack..  to ensure we dont get pipped to the post!

At the moment Elderflowers are still not widely harvested… so our stash is safe for now and we are making bumper batches to keep in the larder.  Over the years I have used different recipes – but have decided that this version makes the most potent brew with the least amount of ‘faffing’

Firstly pick your heads on a dry (preferably sunny) morning – for maximum flavour.  The flowers should be in bloom – neither in bud nor wilting brown..  and I pick the whole head and count the bounty like this.

For my recipe you will need 30 heads of elderflowers – which makes approximately 1.5 litres of cordial.


  • 30 Elderflower Heads (pick them on the morning of making)
  • 1.5 litre of water
  • 1.5kg sugar
  • 3 unwaxed lemons
  • Campden tablet (optional)


  1. Gently shake the flower heads and leave then in a bowl in the shade for any bugs to scuttle away. DO NOT WASH.
  2. Boil the water
  3. Zest and slice the lemons and place in a large bowl along with the sugar
  4. Put the flowers in the bowl too and pour over the boiling water
  5. Gently stir until the sugar is dissolved
  6. Leave to steep for at least 24 hours – covered with a teatowel
  7. Place a muslin in a seive and place this over a large pan – pour over your concoction and allow to drain into the pan
  8. Gently bring to the boil and then allow to simmer (bubble gently not furiously) for 10 minutes
  9. Meanwhile prepare your bottles by running through the dishwasher or rinsing under a hot tap
  10. Using a funnel – pour the cordial into the bottles and close
  11. NOTE: The citrus stops the cordial fermenting and so this should keep for about a month in the fridge.  If you want it to store for longer you can replace the lemons with 7g of citric or tartaric acid …  or just before bottling you can add a dissolved campden tablet, used in winemaking, which means you can store your produce for up to 1 year!

My favourite mix?  A large dash of cordial, an measure of botanical gin topped with soda water and a cucumber icecube..  a taste of Summer






GIVING: Fathers Day Last Minute Gifts


Fathers Day is on SUNDAY 15th…  and we have some fabulous exclusive lines which can all be personalised… even if you leave it until the last minute!  We offer Express until Thursday – for Friday delivery and also offer a premium Saturday delivery service.  So what are you waiting for?  Standard delivery is only £3.95 (or free on orders over £50) and we only ship First Class as standard!

My favourites?  The Dad Poem – that I wrote for my Dad is now available in Teal and Ink colours… and the custom FUND box for that car that they never get round to buying.


ADVENTURES: Notes from Hay


The last week of May is always the now internationally renowned Hay Festival – in Hay-On-Wye on the Welsh borders.  We love the town and often visit out of season, spending hours with the kids browsing the many book shops – in particular BOOTHS, probably the most well known, and certainly the biggest.  Filled to the rafters with vintage and new books, it is a place to sit cross legged on the floor and lose yourself for hours reading about whatever takes your fancy.  It is the one shop in the world where my children dont drive me crazy!

This year they had a veritable feast of celebs and authors, from Benedict Cumberbatch to Bear Grylls and Stephen Fry.  From business inspirations to a day in the life of a fly – the single field (it is not big) packs a punch of fabulous things to listen to and interact with.

We have booked next year again already…  I recommend you do the same

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HQ NEWS: A New Look


Today we unveiled the first stage of our new branding look.   At PEARL AND EARL we believe in hip, happy, colourful living.. and that the simplest things can bring the greatest pleasure!   Plus at our heartland we are a Sussex Based studio who create exclusive designs which are based on Jacqui’s ‘Nostalgic Chic’ British design style.  How about that for a brief?

As our product collection grows into interiors and other product areas we wanted to simplify our message…

After much umming and ahhing we decided on …  Swallows to represent Arundel – our hometown where the brand was born and a simpler palette featuring our signature Turquoise with the addition of a little grown up blue. The website has been refreshed along with our packaging – and we hope you like it.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Happy Bank Holiday!  ..  But today is also the Cinco De Mayo festival – which is a big celebration in Mexico and the US.  Initially a date to commorate a great battle, over the years it has become a festival of all thing Mexican.  As such it is filled with paper flowers and vibrant festival colours….   things that we at Pearl and Earl LOVE!
To commemorate this we have created a vibrant FLORAL FIESTA summer paper wreath, filled with some of our favourite paper blooms (all created in our Sussex Studio).  We think these are the perfect back drop to any celebration and are perfect for wedding back drops, as we offer custom sizes and colours.
Whatever you are doing this Bank Holiday weekend, we hope the sun is shining and all is Hip and Happy in your world.

May the Fourth Be with You!


One of my favourite random celebrations…May the 4th is STAR WARS DAY!   I will forever be a Star Wars geek.  Off to make some intergalatic lego with my son.  Happy Sunday!

Life: Bluebell Woods


April / May  is one of my favourite times in Sussex… Why? it is all about the Bluebells which festoon the woodland floors.  As much as we love our Pearl and Earl decorations..  nature trumps us every time.  Happy Times

Mothers Day Crafts


As MOTHERS DAY is on the horizon – I decided to add a new cross stitch to my granny squares CROSS STITCH collection…  with this MUM cushion.  The perfect gift for crafty Mums.


PRESS: Living Etc Bespoke Paper Christmas


In the December issue of the fabulous style magazine Living Etc – we were asked to create something for a Black Swan inspired Black, Grey and Pink Christmas Shoot.  Here are the results and we couldnt have been more thrilled with how it all came together!  A 1m wide bespoke paper wreath, bannister filled with decorations and chairs backed with our Giant Peony Blooms
.. tassle silver shred strung from chandeliers and of course our classic paper snowflakes.

Thanks so much to the team who asked us to get involved – and we hope it leaves you feeling a little festive. x

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News: Vote For Us in the Peoples Choice Award


Well Pearl and Earl have made it again into the final shortlist of 4 in the good web guide awards 2013 (horah!) …  we are up against some big (massive) sites, so for us we are simply thrilled to have got to this point with our DIY web site…  holding it’s own.

But can we ask you a favour?  Will you vote for us?  You just have to CLICK HERE, its free, and you could win a Kindle Fire.   THANKS A MILLION for all your support to get us this far.

The ‘do’ is on the 19th, and we will of course let you know how we get on

big love (I mean it) Jacqui x

Life: Pumpkin-tastic Halloween


This year seems to have flown by..  and the whistlestop journey to Halloween whizzed past!  On the 31st, the rain seemed to let up in the afternoon just long enough to make our annual journey to Slindon (the next village) where the pumpkin farm puts on a display and sells their wares.  This year the theme was Cinderella!

The local ladies also put on a cafe in the church hall and I came away as usual with a box full of pumpkin cakes, to add to the squash delights in the boot of our car.

My kids made their own masks this year, carved pumpkins and handed out treats (rather than get wet trekking round the town) “very sensible” I cried, as I tucked into a few sneaky treats and chatter from the comfort of the sofa!

Hope you had an equally delicious Spook Fest. x


GIVEAWAY: Halloween Pack


This weekend we are getting set for Halloween… and have a giveaway over on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  Simply like our POST HERE, share it with your friends and make a comment, and we will pick a random winner on Monday.

If you are not feeling lucky.. why not take advantage of our weekend offer of 20% off our full halloween category with code BOO20.  You dont need to be spooky – just a fan of our Orange and Black themed party goodies.


Party: We now sell Helium!


You asked…  so we found it.

We sell a LOT of BIG BALLOONS and custom trimmed TASSEL TAILS at Pearl and Earl.. and our customers have always asked us for HELIUM to fill them up with.  Until now we really could not be competitive.  As always we wanted the best quality but still an accessible price for our customers… and now we have struck a deal with BOC (the leading UK supplier) and so we can offer disposable cans as well as hire of bigger professional cannisters… should you wish to have a “Big Do!”




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