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DIY: Upcycled Liberty Lamp

As part of my ongoing studio update post move, this week I recovered the lampshade of this old lamp with some Liberty print fabric which now looks rather dashing on my sill.  I will post a simple lampshade DIY next week.

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My Patchwork Stash Pack

I am experimenting at the moment with Patchwork – and just bought myself a stash of fabrics from Pelanna Patchwork, including this super cute pack from Riley Blake …

My trusty Janome and 1.4 inch foot are at the ready – and I will let you know how I get on…

Liberty Special Editions

My Bobbly Chair

 **Blogger has been a mare this week – and deleted this previous post along with a couple of others – so I am relisting them.

 Last weekend I decided to reupholster one of our old kitchen chairs.. now I am by no means an expert when it comes to this!  But I am happy to play!  But this is now my 6th chair so after Mr H had used a bit of brute force to take off the old school fabric, I used the old fabric as a template and cut out some new bits.
Using fabric tacks I tacked the DECKCHAIR STRIPED FABRIC from Granny Knits in place, and with a glue gun added a bit of our signature BRIGHT BOBBLE TRIM to the edges and the back.
I loved it so much that it is no longer in the kitchen, but now has pride of place in our hallway.
This the upholstery book I have always used for reference..
No chair / stool is now safe in our house, they are all up for an extremely colourful makeover!

Bumper Cushion

 We received a new fabric into our stash last week – a VINTAGE GREY stripe, which whilst more muted than our normal choices – has enough zing of orange and pink to make it Granny Knits!  Also in the new stash pack was a new cotton fringe that we are trialling in grey to match.
To test them both out, I made up a super sized cushion for the kids to use while watching the telly – at 1.3m x 1m it is a bit of a monster – but PERFECT, as they both squeeze on.  I asked our new cushion filler suppliers to make up a couple of samples for me ready for our launch later this year… and I am really happy with the over stuffed down filled result.
Loving these new vintage tones …  and the kids are super happy too!

Something for the weekend? Make a Lampshade

The nights are drawing in … and the days are getting colder!  So now is the time to try out a new craft and make your own lampshade, instantly zinging up a hallway, lamp or dull old light fitting!  (See our projects from last weekend)

If you use one of our new Lampshade making kits – you can soon whip up something splendid!  Particularly if you use some of our super cheerful striped fabric, or simply a mad mix of our ric rac and trims

Whatever you choose, let us know how you get on…  and enjoy your weekend.

Pom Poms for the weekend

Pom Pom Garlands
Finished basket of goodies

 We have been busy making POM POMS and YO YOs over the last couple of weeks, as we have been developing our craft classes, projects, products and Christmas ideas… for Granny Knits.

Our new Japanese POM POM MAKERS have been a joy to work with – and you can make a pom pom in less than 10 minutes – sized from a super cute 20mm to a much more robust 90mm and at less than £5 for 2 they are a MUST HAVE for your craft basket surely??
We even have a super cute Heart Pom Pom Maker ….  go on, give it a go!  

Second in our new HANDI CHIC home crafts we love section – are the equally easy YO YO’s – used widely for making things from Jewellery to Baubles, Bags and Embellishment.  You simply put a scrape of material in the circle and hand sew in and out of the holes, pull and voila!  It even turns over a little seam, so no raw edges….

So why not treat yourself this weekend and upcycle some old yarn or scraps of fabric, and make some crafty chic …   a la Granny Knits, or better still sign up to one of our CRAFT CLASSES and learn some Christmas Projects first hand x

pom pom maker in action

Yo yo’s made into a bauble
Yo Yo Maker



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