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Home: Happy Feet! Our New Wool Rugs are coming…


We are thrilled to let you know that our brand new interiors collection is starting arriving at Pearl and Earl!   First up.. a collection of HAND TUFTED RUGS which are not only made from British Wool, but each and every one is handmade to order to create a thick luxurious pile.  There is the option to CUSTOMISE the colours to match your interior, from our collection of 48 Wool Colours.  We also have a choice of sizes too, helping you express your individual style.  We like to think we are offering something a little different!
Why not order a set of WOOL NUGGETS to pick and mix the colours at your pleasure…  and we can mock up your rug look for approval.  If you are after something completely bespoke, we now offer this service too.  Just ask the team.
Our favourite item?  The GRANNY SQUARE in RAINBOW colours … but the PASTEL shades are also divine.  Matching elements are on their way.
As a bonus for launch – we are offering 20% off Rugs until the end of June with code WOOLYTOES.
Plus remember you can also collect HAPPY POINTS on your purchase too.
Why not make your feet happy!

Home Life: Arundel voted best place to live in UK

Arundel Holidays liveWe talk a lot about how much we love our home town of Arundel on the South Downs.  We live in a town house which is fab – but we wish the garden was bigger and often moan about the on street parking strains.  But our business is lucky enough to be based in an old Game Lodge in the grounds of a Castle (seat of the Duke of Norfolk)  and there are restaurants, pubs and fabulous shops a stones throw from our home, as well as a lido, Cathedral, a river, lake, wetland centre, museum and beach!

Yet there are amazingly less than 500 homes in the town (and no chance of that town ‘spread’ you often find) due to being surrounded by the South Downs National Park… and the Downs are what we truly love about this part of the country.  Within a minute of our house we can be lost, without a soul to see for miles around…  but if we are feeling social we also have a thriving cafe culture..  art scene..  gallery trail..  festival .. Goodwood events and plenty of old school calendar fun that frequently fills our blog.

So it wasn’t too much of a surprise to us this month that The Times voted Arundel No 1 town to live in (outside of London) ..  naming town houses on our road the ‘prime properties’…

Note to self: don’t complain about the parking so much and thank our lucky stars everyday we get to be where lots of people wished they were.

Hope to see you here sometime soon x

Pearl and Earl the Snowpeople

Home Style: Name in Lights

Fancy your name in lights?  Not going to make it to Broadway anytime soon?  Well then how about some of these Alphabet Lights by Out There interiors.  Not for those on a thrifty budget at £345 each..  so initials / short words only we feel!

Style: Moustache Lightbulbs

As you know, its MOVEMBER, so we have an appreciation of all things ‘MO’ – like these Moustache Lightbulbs via The UberReview.

DIY: Old School Paper Upcycled Desk

This morning I finished my next decoupage / upcycled project for the house following the office ‘move out’.  This was an old printer desk from Ikea that had lots of marks and holes on the top.  First we bought some new legs (£2.50 each) and then I used some of my new paper designs the ‘Old School Set’ (due out next month) in a ‘patchwork design’.

One thing I would say from this experiment is that I would have cut them into even 4/5cm squares instead of the larger sheets, as the larger sheets were much harder to work with and ‘get all the bubbles out’

You will need:

  • Old desk or buy one for £20 from ikea
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Papers (pref cut into 4cm squares see note above) NOTE you can use old magazines, books, whatever you fancy
  • PVA
  • Brush


  1. Lightly and even coat the surface of the desk with PVA to give it a ‘key’ to stick to.
  2. Let it dry
  3. If  you measure your desk you can work out the size of squares you need to cut to get an even pattern.  EG this desk was 100cm x 60cm so 5cm or 10cm squares would fit perfectly.  The smaller the squares, the easier they will be to stick without bubbling.
  4. Layout your squares over the desk – ensuring that you like the pattern.
  5. Start at the front corner and using the mod podge, stick the squares down one at a time – making sure you get out all the air bubbles using a cloth / squidgy / decoupage roller
  6. When complete – cover the whole desk with a coat of mod podge – which will dry clear and glossy and act as a glaze to your work.  Note: If you prefer a matt finish you can use Matt Mod Podge instead
  7. When dry (about 20 mins) add a second coat, sealing the edges
  8. Ready to go!

PS – no I am not being sponsored by Mod Podge, I am just a little in love with playing with it at the moment!  It has been an American crafting staple for 43 years – and is just kinda hitting our crafty stores now.  Any questions – let me know.


PPS – those super tiny paper decorations are the samples of our new 2013 paper collection, heard it hear first folks.

Balloons and Chair for a good home

As we started shooting my new book this week, the van was full to the brim on the way home.. so we tweeted to see if our pastel pink chair and big balloons were needed in a home nearby

It only took 30 minutes for a pastel chic lover to snap them up



Pearl and Earl Loves .. STYLE! Home is where the heart is .. and Pearl and Earl love creating stylish things for your home.  We also while away many hours finding inspirational things to share which we love that we think you will love too..  from Geek to Granny Chic if it is Nostalgic, Colourful and Stylish we love it!

Fruity Crochet Coasters

I am on a little bit of a crochet tip at the moment (as you may well gather from the posts) – and I was delighted to find these little gems of coasters, crocheted from cotton yarn and sold  by MariMartin from Madrid on Etsy.

I have a similar pattern I made for some apple coasters – but it is the zesty lime of these that catches my fancy.  Yum


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