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Party: We now sell Helium!


You asked…  so we found it.

We sell a LOT of BIG BALLOONS and custom trimmed TASSEL TAILS at Pearl and Earl.. and our customers have always asked us for HELIUM to fill them up with.  Until now we really could not be competitive.  As always we wanted the best quality but still an accessible price for our customers… and now we have struck a deal with BOC (the leading UK supplier) and so we can offer disposable cans as well as hire of bigger professional cannisters… should you wish to have a “Big Do!”



Press: Our Paper Blooms and Big Balloons on Rock My Wedding

We gave you a sneaky peak of Steph and Russel’s wedding from Easter on an earlier blog post.. and today Rock My Wedding feature the whole event in all its Gatsby style vintage splendour.

Our Paper Bloom Brolly and Bling Tassel Tailed Balloons look delicious, thanks to Lisa Devlin’s great shots and of course a super stylish Bride and Groom.

Fab reminders of a lovely (but very cold!) day x

Vintage style wedding in English Countryside, shot by Lisa Devlin | Rock My Wedding.

DIY & DO: New DIY Videos How to Make A Paper Pom Pom


Our Pearl and Earl Paper Pom Poms are a real hit for weddings, parties, Christmas and celebrations.. and for those who dont like to make things we sell them ready to ‘frou’ as well as making bespoke sizes and variations for clients.

The DIY fans amongst you may already know how to make these on your own… but for those who don’t, today sees the launch of the first of our new DIY videos.  Featuring homemade video (bit shaky) a soundtrack from Feeder and easy to follow subtitles.. we think it does the job!  I chose to make giant chocolate Pom Poms for Easter… but you can choose whichever colour you like!

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on! x


PS Update: Due to limitations on the license of the Feeder track, we had to substitute it on some of the formats with ‘In the Dark’ by Joi Veer…

Decorations: New Paper Lanterns

New into Pearl and Earl this week is the start of our new Spring collection preview, with the launch of our Paper Lanterns.  We are going all out for new Wedding style – and are totally in love with our Giant Paper Lanterns in Mint Green and White.

But lets not get too ahead of ourselves as we also have a fab collection of Christmas colours too …  not enough? Well later this month we will be adding on our full palette of over 19 colours for you to choose from, in 6 sizes.  We think they look fabulous as a central ceiling display mixed with our paper pom poms.. 

What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christmas: Big Blowsy Balls

This week has been one filled with housekeeping … as we are sprucing up our photography, websites and products ready for the on set of Christmas!  I will share some of our latest pics – but first up are these reshoots of our “Handmade in Sussex, UK” tissue paper pom poms in all their glory – next to our paper balls.  Considering the pom poms are 15 inches (38cm) when fluffed – it shows just how big our Pearl and Earl Supersize Balls are!  A lot of dec for your buck!

We offer 11 colours of spikey pom poms and discount packs of 10 and 100.  Each is flat packed with special ‘frou frou’ instructions, complete with hanging ribbon.  We often make bespoke sizes, colours and designs for TV and Events – and are looking to launch this option to all of our customers in the New Year…

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Supersize Crafts Day 4: Boy meets Girl

Day 4 of SUPERSIZE week.. and this time its my BOY MEETS GIRL cushion – perfect for a wedding…  or loo (suggestion no 2 from my 7yo daughter thank you very much!). Featuring 2 more infinity patterns – mini and maxi diagonals – you can keep on stitching till you wear yourself or your materials out!   This project was stitched on my favourite 7 count base using tapestry yarns – which is what the majority of the Supersize Projects used.

Happy Stitching x


Wedding: Granny Chic Pastels and Doilies

We are a little in love with  Anna and Matthew’s wedding.  Their Granny Chic style simply rocks!  Their use of Vintage lace, LOTS of doilies, aqua and peach colour theme, and thrift store milk glass (you know how I love that) are as delicious as their cake buffet….  and as for the cake toppers.  Genius.

There are so many style tips to steal.. from the ‘shop bought letters’ decorated with a doily.. to the paper lanterns and coloured punch with paper straws.  Delicious… and a lesson in thrifty party chic

via Bridal Musings

Party: New Style Paper Straws Arrive

Our Retro Paper Straws have been made by us since 2010 and sent to the likes of Pop Stars, Royalty, Celebrity Weddings… and lots of good ‘dos’.  Whilst the old favourite stripes are still going strong, we like to try and keep ahead with something new…

So fresh in today is our first limited quantities of 3 new styles:

1 – Micro Dot, for those who are rocking the pastel chic vibe at their weddings and celebrations

2 – Mr Blobby Christmas Spot – for those who want to make a big bold statement this Christmas (or any other day they fancy Red or Lime in their lives)

3 – The Pink Heart – much requested, and finally arrived

Whisk up the shakes, I have some sipping to do…


Style: Blackboard Big Balloons

Using a chalk pen on black balloons is the genius idea of CONCEPT2012. This Dutch stylist asked some students to close their eyes and think of a word that was in their hearts (deep) and then she used them to style the big balloons..

This would translate well for a wedding or birthday party – using words about the couple, place names… or simply the sentiment LOVE

Real Wedding: Heather and James Geek Chic Details

We Love the simple yet geek chic style of Heather and James wedding.  From the Playmobile Cake toppers to the photo prop moustaches, it oozes simple alternative detail cool.  The reception hall had classic white paper lanterns, white table cloths, hessian runner and ecclectic vintage mason jars filled with limey wild blooms.  A case in point of style over dosh ..  love it.

Wedding: Peaches and Our Paper Decorations

A while ago we were contacted by the stylist Danielle Nay looking for some of our Paper Party Style for Peaches Geldof’s wedding.    The Wedding was super hush hush – and we were asked not to mention the wedding or venue until after the big day…  so it was all a little bit cloak and dagger at Pearl and Earl HQ

Yesterday Peaches and her beau Thomas Cohen were married in the same church in Davington, Kent where her parents marriage was blessed, which was also where her mother’s (Paula Yates) funeral took place.

Apparently Hello will be covering it – so our Paper Party Decorations and Straws may well have their own moment of rock n roll fame!

Best wishes for the newly weds from us all …


Wedding: Someone Loves Us …

Now normally we write about things that Pearl and Earl Loves… but today we got a little love back as a friend pointed us to this great site SELL MY WEDDING who featured us on their blog.

The idea behind the site is perfect for these austere times…  as it is a marketplace for Brides to sell their preloved items to Soon-to-be-Brides for their own day.

Why not have a look?

X O Big Silver Balloons

Stop press… we now have SILVER BIG BALLOONS in these big declarations of HUGS (O) and KISSES (X) to match our super popular GOLD ONES… which form part of our metallics collection

£10 voucher to anyone sending us pictures we use of them and their XO balloons.. see our submissions page for details



DIY: Ribbon and Big Balloons

We love Big Balloons at Pearl and Earl … and thought we would share these simple ways to bling your big balloons and use them as props for your event, or wedding.

Simply add superwide ribbon (at least 1 inch) tied with a nice big bow at the top, or left to twist and trail.

{Pic Source}

Unique Bride Magazine | Your day, your way!

I discovered this new bridal magazine over the weekend…Unique Bride Magazine | Your day, your way!.  and LOVE its alternative style. Twitter @uniquebridemag

The first cover is all about Steam Punk – which is totally ahead of the curve in wedding style – so a brave first choice.  Steam Punk is one of my latest obsessions (Jules Verne meets Victoriana meets modern) and my publishers are just going to press with a new book on the subject STEAM PUNK GAZETTE

Meanwhile ..  have a read of this magazine if you want your day to be something a little different …

Bespoke Big Balloons for your Wedding

If you adore BIG BALLOONS as much as we do – then hopefully you will be pleased to hear that we are now offering a BESPOKE COLOUR service – so you can match your wedding.  We cant dye the balloons to match, but what we are offering is over 40 colours to choose from, which can be ordered to co-ordinate with your celebration.

All you then need is a lot of puff!  (or 30 balloons worth of helium!)
{picture source}

Large Flower Balloons

Big Pink Flower Balloon

Our new Large Flower Shaped Balloons hit down this week – and our kids LOVED them.  They are a supersized 16 inches and come in a mixed pack of 5 colours.

The kids were mad about the ‘hole’ .. !

They can be filled with helium or air and we think they would be a hit at any wedding or party.

Big Balloon Weddings

Very excited at the moment by our new collection of Big Balloons being launched next week – and have been inspired by these event photographs from Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine… so thought we would share

We are looking for event photographs to inspire our customers – so any pics you want to share then we will reward any published with gift vouchers from Pearl and Earl.


Neon Weddings

We are delighted to let you know that our super fun new GIANT BALLOONS are hitting Pearl and Earl next week – and whilst seeking inspirational uses for them to share with you, we discovered this fabulous blog post by Brooklyn Bride – Modern Wedding Blog about neon colours and weddings.

It could not be more up my street and we love the super bright simplicity… oh and the giant white balloon of course!


Glassine Wedding Favour Ideas

Our Nostalgic Events collection has exceeded all our expectations – and it is great to know that our customers too love our old school party style.

New in are these lovely GLASSINE FAVOUR BAGS which are £4 for 20 and their crisp semi opaque look is something I have always loved.  Available in white – they were tricky to source, but we are pleased with the results and think they make perfect wedding favour bags filled with a hint of what is inside..  lovely


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