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DIY: Old School Paper Upcycled Desk

This morning I finished my next decoupage / upcycled project for the house following the office ‘move out’.  This was an old printer desk from Ikea that had lots of marks and holes on the top.  First we bought some new legs (£2.50 each) and then I used some of my new paper designs the ‘Old School Set’ (due out next month) in a ‘patchwork design’.

One thing I would say from this experiment is that I would have cut them into even 4/5cm squares instead of the larger sheets, as the larger sheets were much harder to work with and ‘get all the bubbles out’

You will need:

  • Old desk or buy one for £20 from ikea
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Papers (pref cut into 4cm squares see note above) NOTE you can use old magazines, books, whatever you fancy
  • PVA
  • Brush


  1. Lightly and even coat the surface of the desk with PVA to give it a ‘key’ to stick to.
  2. Let it dry
  3. If  you measure your desk you can work out the size of squares you need to cut to get an even pattern.  EG this desk was 100cm x 60cm so 5cm or 10cm squares would fit perfectly.  The smaller the squares, the easier they will be to stick without bubbling.
  4. Layout your squares over the desk – ensuring that you like the pattern.
  5. Start at the front corner and using the mod podge, stick the squares down one at a time – making sure you get out all the air bubbles using a cloth / squidgy / decoupage roller
  6. When complete – cover the whole desk with a coat of mod podge – which will dry clear and glossy and act as a glaze to your work.  Note: If you prefer a matt finish you can use Matt Mod Podge instead
  7. When dry (about 20 mins) add a second coat, sealing the edges
  8. Ready to go!

PS – no I am not being sponsored by Mod Podge, I am just a little in love with playing with it at the moment!  It has been an American crafting staple for 43 years – and is just kinda hitting our crafty stores now.  Any questions – let me know.


PPS – those super tiny paper decorations are the samples of our new 2013 paper collection, heard it hear first folks.

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  1. Janette #

    Looks great!

    October 3, 2012

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